If you think there's more productivity in your business, you're probably right. In one week, five teams using our T4 MAP performance improvement process identified more than $2 million in potential annual revenue increases. They also designed plans to achieve them.

This T4 MAP study measures the impact of running a performance improvement cycle over time. It will document whether, and how teams are able to achieve their performance improvement goals, the nature of the improvements and the value of the gains. If you would like to host a T4 study, please let us know.

How does this help me?

Participation may increase engagement and improve performance in your workplace. Participants will learn how to uncover business performance improvement opportunities in a constructive way and chart a path to achieve them. It’s likely that participating teams will experience greater commitment. It’s equally likely that leadership will gain a more nuanced view of operations and be better informed.

How does it work?

When you decide to go forward, participants will complete a 23 item scorecard.

Leaders are prepped (with our help) to debrief the team with specific constructive questions. Teams focus on what they can control. Things outside their control are noted for review by senior leaders.

Will it disrupt normal operations?

Running a T4 MAP will introduce a new element into your work processes. Depending on the circumstances, you may see an uptick in morale and engagement. The process will require a modest time investment, which is insignificant when compared to the potential return.

How do we qualify?

To qualify for participation we require:

  • Senior leadership to support and introduce the event (we’ll help with suggestions)
  • All participants engage voluntarily
  • Leaders pursue performance improvement with a constructive commitment
  • Team members be empowered to prioritize their performance improvement goals
  • Leaders work with us to identify estimated and actual performance improvement value
  • The opportunity to briefly interview participants face-to-face at the end of the study

What is the potential for growth?

It depends on the leaders, team and the business. Past participants have identified significant opportunities for performance improvement.

What are some examples of opportunities?

  • A production team identified a communication issue with maintenance personnel.
  • A team of software engineers realized they were fixing the same mistakes over again.
  • A customer service team identified role overlap as hurting business.
  • A product development team recognized they could solve their own learning needs.
  • A team of highly recruited specialists identified how supervisors could increase retention.

Will the results be confidential?

Individual responses to the scorecard are anonymous. Should the results be published, no person or firm will be identified without their permission.

Will I need to sign an informed consent?


Is there a simple whitepaper on the T4 MAP that I can read?

Yes - click here.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee. We will explain the facilitation process at no cost. If you would like support with data analysis or facilitation, we will provide that for a modest fee. Out-of-pocket costs must be reimbursed.

How long does it take?

Completing the scorecard takes less than 10 minutes. Previous debrief meetings have varied. It depends on what the scorecard looks like and how the conversation goes. It could be an hour, it could be three hours. The amount of time it will take to produce the desired outcome depends on what the team is trying to achieve. In the past, some remarkable improvements have taken less than 48 hours, others have taken place over weeks and months.

What might I learn?

That depends on you. Chances are you’ll learn something of value.

How will Truebridge support me?

We will...

  • Brief you on how to work the process
  • Manage the scorecard creation and delivery
  • Review the scorecard results with you
  • Prepare you for the debrief meeting
  • Answer questions you have going forward

What is the potential downside?

You may learn things that will disappoint you. However, these things may help pave the way forward.

What is the potential upside?

You and your team may experience measurable and meaningful performance improvement.

Join the study.