Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Peter Drucker

Whether it’s a team or a company, many people think of culture as “how we do things around here.” Sometimes the “how” is explicit. Often it isn't. Many aspects of a culture are invisible. Know your culture in a new way.

Culture determines the kind of people you attract and retain. Culture determines whether people consistently go the extra mile or not; whether they innovate by bubbling up new ideas or just do what they’re told. Culture determines whether they look forward to going to work or look to work somewhere else. We can help assess your culture and engage in purposeful culture change. Culture change begins with the decision to do something differently.

The innovation environment is ultimately determined by culture. It is the result of what leaders say and do. Or the result of what they don’t say and don’t do. If leaders say they want innovation, they must seed it with trust, empowerment and resources. Request a scorecard to check your innovation environment. Contact us to change it.

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

Ray Kroc

Top-Down Change

Change from the top down is the bold modern-day model. Leaders create an atmosphere of trust and broadly share a positive vision. To be successful, top down change requires consistent leadership support. People need to know the what, why, how and when of change. We’ll use a clearly defined customized action plan and tracking data to help you achieve your goals.

Team-centered change

We have several team-centered change models. We customize our work to fit your need. Our unique team-centered T4 MAP™ method conforms to your existing state while it powers culture change and fuels employee engagement. Teams learn constructive commitment as they align on goals, and own their results. Their output can quickly generate reduced costs, increased efficiencies, improved knowledge sharing and increased earnings. The T4 MAP™ process enables teams to map out performance improvement opportunities, align around selected goals and achieve self-designed improvement targets. Team and leaders use data to identify and track performance opportunities. Read more.

Leader-centered change


Do you want to create a top leadership team? Use a clear picture of how your leaders compare to those who perform in the top 10%. Leadership is engaged as a team. They see where they are and identify opportunities. Truebridge Partners supports the change with customized development coaching and tracking. Because no single model is universally “right”, leader-centric change is customized to fit the change you want to create.

Team and Leader

This model creates a growth opportunity for both leader and team. We support the leader with facilitation and follow-up coaching. This process helps overcome roadblocks to change and is a growth experience for all. It may be used as part of a stretch assignment to nurture leadership skills.

Stealth Change

With stealth change senior leaders pursue targeted culture change on the basis of actionable insight. Data guides the required change. We review the data with you. Together we design and create change leading to performance improvement.

No “Change” Label

Say “change” and people get tense. The Truebridge method incorporates a process that enables associates to execute performance improvement opportunities while simultaneously engaging in culture change. Originally pioneered at the Cleveland Clinic, this process has been used by the US Navy, Verizon, Hunter Douglas, John Deere, and countless smaller organizations. The word “change” never comes up.

Our strength-based process engages people in a positive, solution-oriented and future-focused manner. This is ideal for leaders who want to focus on getting more of the right stuff.