When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.

Howard Schultz

Actionable Insight

We deliver what leaders need and often don’t get: actionable insight on productivity. We help you measure the right stuff, identify performance improvement opportunities and create dividends.

Maybe results are off and you aren't sure why. We’ll assess your human business drivers - engagement, communication effectiveness, culture and innovation environment - and define the path for performance improvement. Our measurement tools gather data that can help improve results. Read more.


We help leaders succeed. Performance improvement is ultimately the result of teamwork. Successful leadership requires collaboration and facilitation skills. It’s true for surgeons. It’s true for security analysts. It’s true for you. Is everyone on your team clear on their job? Do they have a strong sense of purpose? Are they working together? Are meetings productive? Do people know what success looks like?

You can combine an opportunity scorecard with a 1-1 leadership development engagement. You can work with a leadership coach to identify specific goals and success metrics. Together you’ll develop a high impact action plan. You’ll overcome obstacles and generate performance improvement with increased awareness and agility. Read more.


True collaboration improves performance by aligning the top four drivers: personal satisfaction, productivity, creativity, and team objectives. This is the path to consistent achievement. We accelerate collaboration through clarity, alignment and agreement. Our methods help your teams set goals, own them and drive to create value. We custom fit our work to your needs. Together we build trust and capacity.

I thought the T4 was a good idea when I heard about it. After I saw the data, I knew it was.

Division Leader

T4 MAP™ for Team Performance

Our unique T4 MAP™ (Measure, Align, Perform) process fuels performance improvement while growing team member engagement. It enables teams to align on goals and own improved results. Teams have identified opportunities to speed product development, reduce overhead, improve customer support, increase retention and more. All were possible without capital expenditure.

Teams map out performance improvement opportunities, align around selected goals and measure performance progress. When people make perceivable progress, it boosts productivity. A fully detailed study of the successful implementation of the T4 MAP™ was published in January 2015 in peer-reviewed Performance Improvement Quarterly.

Our process is easy to launch and immediately empowering. Read more. Inquire.


Does innovation mean something radical to you? Post-it® Notes were an innovation right? Not bad for a mistake. Now they’re ubiquitous. They were a mistake that occurred in a culture that had innovation woven into its fabric. That culture enabled Post-it® Notes to grow into a franchise that generates a billion dollars annually.

Innovation cannot be scheduled or mandated. However, it can be stimulated and nurtured. Innovation can come from anywhere. Does it seem unlikely that a truck driver could identify an innovation worth $10 million in annual revenues? It happened. Innovation is inclusive. Small steps can add up to a big difference. To check your innovation environment, request a complimentary Innovation Scorecard. Contact us to change it.