If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

Organizations need agile leaders who energize teams, stoke innovation and cultivate sustainable growth. We offer individual and group solutions customized to serve your leadership needs. We partner with you to understand your priorities and design a solution that will help meet your objectives, enhance leadership effectiveness, and improve results.

1-1 Executive Development

We help executives make small changes that make a big difference. We offer 1-1 programs for senior executives and high potentials. Each is customized to the individual’s specific needs. With support from an ICF certified coach, we help leaders define opportunities for greater effectiveness, identify obstacles and set growth benchmarks. We encourage every client to track progress with a Personal Leadership Dashboard®, which provides leaders ongoing feedback on their specific goals from the people that matter most.

Group Leadership Development

Do you need to build bench strength? Managers-to-Leaders and early career leaders can grow as groups. This builds loyalty and retention. Our proprietary experiential programs are comprehensive. Led by ICF accredited coaches and experienced facilitators, they incorporate current 360 feedback, people-focused leadership exploration, goal setting, peer coaching and follow up progress tracking. Contact us to learn more about Leadership by Design©.


Programs designed to help managers take the step to leaders are vital in helping developing talent understand the architecture of leadership. This program is intended for managers who have had limited leadership experience and development. Sharing the experience with their peers builds trust, skills and encourages retention.

High-Potential Development

Programs for high-potential groups are designed for current leaders with at least two years of leadership experience. As with our other group programs, the design is experiential and incorporates 360 feedback, peer coaching and follow up progress measurement. Led by a trained coach and experienced facilitator, the group has the opportunity to build trust, and relationships that support performance improvement and retention.