Recently we concluded phase 1 of a groundbreaking research project among people who identified their primary work focus as science. This study found a significant positive correlation between specific behaviors and effective decision making. Join Phase 2.

Purpose of the Study

This study will attempt to determine whether a causal relationship exists by replicating the initial study and identifying whether other factors may be involved.

Benefit to You

Possible benefits to participating in this study include: increased understanding of leadership behaviors needed to nurture effective decision-making and learning among team members. You may also gain insight into the nature of effective decision making in a fact-based science-focused environment.

How it Works

Participants complete an informed consent and provide an email address. They will then be asked to complete an online survey.This takes 10-15 minutes.We will send a follow up inquiry in 12 months. This too, will take about 10 minutes.

Who We Ask

This is a team-based study. To qualify for the study you must be currently employed in a science-focused work. This may include the life sciences, genomics, medical treatments and devices, chemistry, genetic engineering, biotechnical engineering, applied mathematics, and broadly, some form of technology necessary to the functioning or research and development supporting the organizations commercialization goal. If you are the team leader your team must agree voluntarily to participate.

Risks of the Study

There are no physical or emotional risks created by this study.


All responses are anonymous. Should the results be published, no person or firm will be identified. You may get a summary of the results at the conclusion of the study.

Join the study.