Are my scorecard results confidential?


Are scorecard participants anonymous?

Most are. On a 360 scorecard the boss and boss’s boss are both identified. Other than that, people are anonymous except as they identify by role, function or relationship.

Are you a bunch of ivory tower eggheads with no connection to the real world?

No. Some members of the team are scientists. Every member of the team - especially the scientists – is committed to helping you achieve your goals in the most expeditious way possible, consistent with Truebridge Partners values and ethics. Science is good – think of penicillin. Using science gives us and you a competitive advantage because you can tell how something is working.

Can I have people log in to the scorecard system using their email address?


Can I have people log in to the scorecard system using their employee ID number?


Can I do pulse surveys?


How can I give you feedback?

Click here.

How come some questions are phrased in the negative? Doesn't that throw off measurement?

Negative or reverse scored questions are used to aid reliability. If a reverse score question has a low score, then people answered in the positive. As the name implies, reverse scored items are scored in reverse. This happens at the coding level. Strongly disagree =5 [not 1]. Strongly agree = 1 [not 5]. They are used [sparingly] to improve reliability and to insure that scorecard participants are responding to questions thoughtfully.

How frequently should run a scorecard?

The answer to that depends on which one and what you’re trying to achieve.In general consider repeating the same measurement at 6 or 12 month intervals.

How small a group can I use?

Minimum of 5.

How big a group can I use?

There’s no limit and you need to think about what you want to accomplish. Big groups can be easily by organized in many different ways. Let us help you figure it out. Contact us.

What if I’m a manager?

You can use the scorecards if you’re a manager. Unless you’re doing a 360, don’t participate in with your team – that way you’ll get a more accurate picture of the results.

What if I don’t know what to do?

Contact us.

What if I don’t like the scorecard results?

Then you’ll have to start doing something differently. You may contact us for support.

What if I want to speak with a specific partner?

Please contact us and let us know that and describe your objective.

What if I represent a non-profit?

We do have a pro-bono commitment. Please contact us about what you’d like help with.

What is actionable insight?

It's information you can use to improve some aspect of performance -- aka: actionable intelligence, actionable information, hard data, heat map and “useful information I didn't know about my (team, business, fill in the blank)”.

Why are you making this information available for free?

There are a few reasons. First, because it’s a way of helping people – like a random act of kindness. Second, because the more well-run organizations there are, the better for all of us. Third, because awareness precedes progress.Making performance improvement opportunities visible increases the likelihood of creating progress.We’re all about helping you create that progress.

Why can’t I create progress on my own?

Tell us what’s in the way. Contact us.

What’s with the PhDs?

Many of our clients require a fact-based approach because they live in a fact-based culture. Truebridge nerds bring depth of thinking and rigorous analysis to what we do. You know the old joke “It’s not rocket science?”Physics is easy compared to the art and science of generating sustainable performance.

If I already have the data, why do I need you guys?

That’s up to you.

Can I have access to the survey site?

Contact us.

Can you design a custom measurement for us?

Yes. Contact us.