Making Connections

Raj had the science issues down. He was a whiz at parsing data and was able to quickly identify the critical issues impacting this late-state biotech startup. His leadership challenges revolved around translating his scientific expertise into effective action on the part of his teams and his board. We tackled the two hurdles in tandem. Read more

Getting Team Traction

Michael is a PhD / MBA team leader in a global pharmaceutical firm. His team is responsible for guiding growth in new areas. It is complex, political, resource-intensive work and he wanted to become a more effective leader. Read more

Doing a Bigger Job

An experienced, multi-talented contributor at a global food company felt overwhelmed in her new job. Read more

Tackling Tough Conversations

Mark, an engineer and former field grade Army officer, accepted a position as the leader of the worst performing team of a critical functional area in a global biotech company. Read more

Faster Track

Carly was talented. A hard worker, she’d finally gotten the VP promotion she’d wanted. Read more

Winning with Analysts

With an ongoing FDA audit and immediately following the resignation of the division head, Keith was tasked with the key forward- looking portion of the analysts and stockholders presentation. Read more

Infectious Leadership

Patricia is a brilliant fast track executive with a Fortune 10 company. She struggled badly on her first big sales team presentation. Her mentor suggested coaching. We met days before she had to give a make-or-break talk. Her objective: motivate the national sales team at the launch of a new selling strategy. Read more

A New Way Forward

Ken is a senior executive who just joined an organization in serious trouble. He was recruited for his deep technical knowledge and because the CEO, who was fully engaged in managing multiple financial partners, trusted him to manage the turnaround. Read more