The bridge in our logo is the Alcántara Bridge in Spain. It is nearly 2,000 years old and is still in service. We selected it for its elegance and longevity. Its elegance has purpose: tall wide arches permit the periodic passage of large volumes of water and enables the sustainability of the deepwater river. Additionally, the bridge has stood the test of time. For most of its 2,000 years it has enabled the passage of people, information, and goods as a principal link between Spain and Portugal.

The Roman stone arch bridge was commissioned by the Roman emperor Trajan in 98 CE and completed in 106 CE. Different armies partially destroyed it three different times. Each time the bridge was repaired and returned to service. This captures the value and longevity of the bridges we work to build.

Construction started: 104 CE | Total length: 636' (194 m) | Opened: 106 CE | Height: 233' (71 m)